Those That Dwell In The Deep Places Of The Earth

by Seishinkage

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released June 25, 2015



all rights reserved


Seishinkage Cullman, Alabama

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Track Name: A Demon's Calling
Where are you now?
I seek a vessel.
Come forth to me.
Open up your soul.

I seek rebirth.
Into the world of mortals.
I seek rebirth.
Give me your flesh and bone.

I carve away the flesh from bone.
Deep within the barrows of your tissue.
I am infection, putrefying.
I control every thought of your mind.

Now my spirit and flesh become one.
Your sanity is now undone.

I am completed.
Your world will be soon be done.

(Random demonic growls and sounds of torture)

Bow to me.
Worship me.
Bow to me.
Worship me.

(Random generic death metal growls.)
Track Name: Crushing Black Beast
Waking from the slumbering.
Anger slowly overheats.
Crushing all things underneath.
Breathing heavy through the teeth.

Ungodly power is surging.
Razor sharp claws are clawing.

From the deep he's surfacing.
Malice now has broke the keys.
Binding him eternally.
Behold now the beast is free.

Horror, terror, the eyes they see.
Bodies, falling, crushed into meat.

Such death.
What can they do.
Such hate.
They become his food.

Desperate cries for help ring out.
The beast is killing all.
People screaming, terrified.
Trying to run they fall.

Hopeless, its hopeless they cry.
Destruction surrounds them all.
Track Name: Chaos Amidst The Fallout
They are destroyers. From the ground they came.
They are the eaters. For our souls they've come.

Fire and chaos surrounds us all.
Black smoke consumes and intoxicates our lungs.

We flee for our lives.
Only to be ripped apart.

Every man for himself; we crawl.
Loved ones left behind to fall.
We are nothing anymore.
Left to suffer by our Lord.

Human skin impaled on boards.
Torsos, guts and maggot hordes.
Roads of bodies, rivers of blood.
Everyone hiding, in terror of the flood.

Feasting upon the dead.
Tearing flesh from rotten heads.

Sickness and disease is spreading.
Vile and putrid bile embedding.
Stabbing veins and now bloodletting.
Everyone is slowly dying!!

Chaos Amidst the Fallout. (x2)

This is the point that we have come.
Murdering because we're numb.
Demonic genocide.
All before our rotten eyes.
Track Name: The Futile Pursuit of Survival
Now we have come to the point of no more return.
Looking back on forgotten pasts, I see no more future.

Death surrounds me.
Nothing certain.
Thoughts of ending.

People dying left and right; nowhere safe to be.
We keep running though we lose the light to see.

Death surrounds me.
Nothing certain.
Thoughts of ending.

Climbing all around.
Looking for some peace.
Searching all around.
Demons look to feed.

This is the time to take things.
Into my own fucking hands.
Life is pointless now and.

Morbid thoughts fill up my mind.
I take a look at this dull knife.
Mother, father; time to die.
Don't try and run because now you're mine.

They are dead.
Cut through the head.
They are dead.
Eternal rest.

The deed is done, now I'm alone.
Struggling to end, the very last one.

(drawn out growl)

Futile life.
Full of strife.
Futile life.
We all die.


Death surrounds me.
Nothing certain.
Track Name: Desolate Wasteland (Interlude)
No Lyrics for this one. If anyone
wants to write lyrics and record
a cover of this track, feel free to do so.